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Trusted manufacturer of stranding machines, wire drawing machines, as well as payoff and takeup systems

At Donghang, we don’t just sell wire processing equipment. We care about and are deeply committed to building long-term, positive relationships with our customers from all over the world, providing them with everything from individual machines to complete turnkey projects. Our line of wire machinery for the production of steel cords, electric wires and cables include a brass plating line for steel wires, take-up and pay-off stands, wire drawing machines, wire stranding machines, wire rewinding machines, wire straighteners, and spools. When you work with Donghang, you’ll receive our continued support. We’ll provide professional consultations on the best wire processing machine to buy, help you train your employees, and guide you in caring for and maintaining your machine so it has a long service life. If you’re a steel cord, wire rope or cable manufacturer looking for wire rope handling equipment, cable manufacturing machinery, etc., work with a company who has your best interests at heart.

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  • Since its beginning in 2003, Donghang has accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality equipment for steel cord production.

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    1. Brass Plating Line for Steel Wire

      Brass plating line for steel wires is ideal for making high carbon steel wires with 0.95% carbon content and a diameter range of 0.7-2.10mm. This plating machine achieves a total capacity of 12,800 tons per year.

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    1. Take Up and Pay Off Stands (Dual Workstation)

      Take-up and pay-off system uses a double-station passive vertical pay off method to achieve single wire control and integrated take-up. The quality welded steel structure with surface painting treatment lengthens the service life of the take up and pay off stand.

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    1. Wet Wire Drawing Machine (21 Drawing Dies)

      Wet wire drawing machine with 21 drawing dies is specially designed to draw steel wires for steel cords. The diameter of steel wires before drawing can be between 0.8-1.9mm. After being drawn by this slip drawing machine, the diameter is reduced to 0.15-0.35mm.

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    1. Tubular Stranding Machine

      The wiring system for the tubular stranding machine is covered by quality flexible conduits that are protected by metallic tubes for double protection.
      Filter screen in the draught fan won’t fall off and can be easily replaced if needed.

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    1. Rewinding Machine (5m/min)

      Wire rewind line integrates four of the same rewinding parts which all carry out pay-off from the bottom up and carry take-up on the upper layer. The machine lets you easily setup the linear speed, rewinding tension, and distance between wires.

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